This is why Martinoli and “Doctor García” were not there to narrate Atlas vs. América.

América defends its lead in the Mexican Apertura.

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The game where the Azulcremas won 1 – 0 to the red and blacks was not chronicled by the symbolic voice of Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcia. Instead, Paco Gonzalez and Jesus Fuentes participated.

Day 4 of Mexican soccer gave outstanding performances that left América, coached by Santiago Solari, as the leader of the general table. On Sunday afternoon, Las Águilas visited Atlas to dispute the 3 points.

Being a team from the capital city, many fans followed the broadcast on television; once again, the rivalry between Televisa and TV Azteca arose because the Azulcrema team has a contract with Chapultepec TV station, while Atlas has an agreement with the Ajusco TV station.

However, since it was a home game for the red-and-black team, both TV stations shared the broadcasting rights, so fans of both groups could choose where to watch the penultimate match of the 4th date of the Grita México 2021.

But something that surprised the fans who tuned in to Channel 7 was the absence of its narration figures: Christian Martinoli, Luis el Doctor García, Jorge Campos, and Luis Roberto Alves Zague did not participate in the coverage. Their place was taken by two voices unknown to the public, Francisco González and Jesús Fuentes, accompanied by Paco Chacón and Álvaro López.

The dynamics to which the public that follows TV Azteca’s transmissions got used to change since there were no comments from the Immortal, Zaguito’s phrases, or Doctor García’s analysis. Immediately, doubts arose about what had happened to the usual narrators or why the TV station had decided to replace them.

During the Gold Cup matches, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic tournament, and the first days of the Mexican League, the voice of Martinoli and Doctor García did not cease to be heard in every game, despite the sleepless nights, the schedules, and the tight sports plan, they were there.

Date 4 of the Mexican League was the first matchday after the busy schedule at the end of July and beginning of August, so the Ajusco TV station allowed itself to rest its narrative figures.

After the weeks full of work where the Mexican National Team lost the Gold Cup, and the Olympic Tri won the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020, Martinoli, Luis García, Zague, and Jorge Campos took a few days off.

Previously, the sports commentators themselves had already anticipated their absence. On matchday 3, they gave hints that they would rest for a few days to come back for the next Liga MX matches.

Where do they spend their vacations?

Each of the figures of Azteca Deportes took advantage of their free time to travel with their families. Even though the COVID-19 health contingency continues, each of them took the opportunity to go to the beach or even travel out of the country.

Zagato traveled to the beach and took advantage of the summer to bask in the sun’s rays. Although he did not specify if he is in any tourist place in the country, what was clear is that he left the Mexican capital to enjoy the sea.

García Postigo is out of the country since he traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States. Through his official Instagram account, he has published photographs of the places he has visited. He is seen in the company of his wife and children.

While Martinoli and Jorge Campos have been more discreet with their hobbies, neither have shown on social networks how they spend their vacation days. In previous editions, the Immortal himself has denied using social networks, as he prefers to remain anonymous and preserve his privacy.

América defends its lead in the Mexican Apertura.

MEXICO CITY (AP) – In-form America will defend the lead in the Apertura tournament when they visit Ciudad Juarez for their fifth-round match scheduled for midweek.

The Eagles were again effective in a 1-0 win over Atlas to take the top spot with 10 points after their third win, a streak they will be looking to extend on Wednesday night. Bravos are on the other side of the coin, without winning under new Brazilian coach Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti.

América overcame the adversity of being down to 10 men in the away game against the Red-and-Black. Still, they managed to overcome the duel so that the Argentinean coach Santiago Solari could accumulate excellent results after 27 matches, winning 18, drawing four, and losing only five since his arrival at Coapa.

“We played very well with 11 and very well when we were down to 10; we could have taken a bigger result,” Solari said of his team’s performance after the win over Atlas. “They have been fierce today. They ran and showed phenomenal character.”

Just as América is on an upward trajectory, champions Cruz Azul also show clear signs of raising their level after taking away Toluca’s unbeaten run with a resounding 4-0 thrashing to celebrate their second consecutive win.

The Celestes will face Rayados on Wednesday for the second time in a week, after losing 1-0 in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals.

For this new clash at the Azteca Stadium, Peruvian coach Juan Reynoso is confident that his team will continue to improve after incorporating several players who did not start the season due to national team call-ups and injuries.

“This is soccer in the present. Today we will surely enjoy ourselves, tomorrow too. Still, on Monday, we will think about Monterrey, who made us look bad at times (in their CONCACAF duel), and we will surely show a different side next Wednesday”, Reynoso analyzed after the resounding victory against the scarlets.

While América and Cruz Azul are taking off in this first part of the championship, Pumas and Chivas must react if they hope to qualify directly for the play-offs.

The universities are one of five teams that have yet to celebrate a win (Querétaro, Ciudad Juárez, Puebla, and Tijuana) and have the weakest offense with just one goal.

UNAM will be looking to shake off their sluggish start when they visit Necaxa on Tuesday, who come home after their first win against San Luis.

Chivas go to their home stadium after a couple of draws that have kept them in mid-table. They will host León, one of the most successful teams, and América, having won their most recent three games to move into third place.

Querétaro and Puebla vs. Tijuana. On Wednesday, Santos vs. Atlas, with Pachuca vs. San Luis pending until November 3.

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