Step-by-step instructions to make a simple monogram in the yarn structure

One of our most well-known specialties ever!

Monogrammed letters are an incredible gathering embellishment, regardless of whether they are put on a treat table to illuminate a name or held tight in a room divider.

If you need to make your own, this specialty is exactly what you need. Customize them with your #1 tones to coordinate with your gathering shading plan.

In case you're feeling truly innovative and brave, design it with various embellishments like stars, hearts, and so forth rather than felt blossoms.

Release your innovativeness.

The most effective method to make a simple shoulder monogram is enclosed by twine!

What you need:

String in 3 unique shades of pink - light, medium, dull.

Embellishments by Martha Stewart

The wooden letter "L

A portion of these connections might be subsidiary connections. You can acquire a little commission on the off chance that you snap and purchase, at no expense to you.

Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter - What you need


Stage 1:

Apply to create a paste to the back, top, and lower part of the letter. I stuck on about 5 cm, began to move up, and added more paste as I went up.

I left the finishes of the string on for quite a while until everything was dry. Then, at that point, I cut them off.

Yarn Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

Stage 2:

Add some beautiful embellishments. The ones I picked had tape on the back, and that was it!

Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter |

The entire thing took me about 60 minutes, and the most significant length of time was trusting that the paste will dry.

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