Altair Jarabo performs her wedding in a church in a French castle with her Mexican friends.

Altair Jarabo performs her wedding in a church in a French castle with her Mexican friends.

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Altair, the most spectacular bride.

To Paris, the city she chose to swear eternal love with Frédéric García, the French businessman Altair Jarabo married this morning. The Mexican actress had a large group of friends at her wedding. During the reception, she was held at the Château de Vallery, a Renaissance jewel that became the spectacular setting where the bride and groom shared with their guests, many of them from our country. A few days ago, the bride revealed that several of her friends were in Paris to accompany her on this special day.

Mexico was present at this Parisian wedding.

Through social networks, friends of the actress such as actress Fabiola Guajardo, José María Torres, and Olivia Peralta shared several photos and videos of the reception offered by the bride and groom in this castle, considered an architectural jewel of the Renaissance in Paris. “Long live the bride and groom!” were some of the phrases that their guests used on social networks where they posted several images of Altair of her husband who, at all times, was very happy next to his wife’s friends.

The spectacular Parisian castle.

Among the group of friends of the actress, the presence of socialite Olivia Peralta and actresses Fabiola Guajardo, Claudia Godínez, Úrsula Montserrat, Desiree Nelles, Eva Cedeño, to name a few, stood out. Taking advantage of the spectacular backdrop offered by the castle, the bride’s friends posed for several photos that revealed the stunning location that the Mexican bride chose to become Mrs. Garcia.

The bride’s ladies, her Mexican friends.

Of course, the photo of Altair’s friends with the bride and groom could not be missing. Although there were no bridesmaids dressed in the same tone in this wedding, the actress’s friends covered the bride as bridesmaids. They posed happily next to Jarabo, who, with an elegant white design, tight to the body, with white sequins that gave a touch of glitter, became, without a doubt, the most spectacular bride of the year.

Olivia Peralta’s dedication.

Among the most enthusiastic guests, we saw Olivia Peralta. She, through her Instagram account, dedicated a heartfelt message to the bride: “How divine, how nice to be able to share the happiness of someone I love for being real, intelligent, professional, and many other qualities. Thank you for having made us part of this beautiful chapter of your life,” wrote the socialite as a description of an album of images in which stands out a photo of her next to her fiancé and father of her daughter Olivia, Justin Morgan.

José María Torres, friend of the bride.

The actress also had at her wedding the presence of one of her great friends, actor and fashion designer José María Torres, who also used his Instagram account to share a photo next to the bride: “All the happiness always for you my alti,” he wrote on a snapshot where they appear very smiling. In another photo, the actor wrote the phrase: alluding to the fact that he had accompanied his friend on this important day in her life.


As part of the party offered by the bride and groom, the fireworks show that lit up the sky after the sunset was a highlight. Impressed by the show, both the bride and groom and the attendees made this moment one of the most special of the evening where Altair was, at all times, very happy.

Fabiola Guajardo and Eva Cedeño with the bride.

Another celebrity who took a flight to accompany Altair to his wedding was actress Fabiola Guajardo who, for this special event, chose an elegant black dress with which she posed in several photos: one with her friend, another one with the bride and groom and a last one in which also appears actress Eva Cedeño, who was also invited.

The photo with the bride and groom.

Excited to see her friend fulfill a dream, Fabiola wrote to the bride: “May everything that makes you happy last forever. I love you!”, reads her Instagram feed where she tagged the groom who, having the funny pictures is already one more of the group of friends.

On the other hand, actress Claudia Godinez, with whom Altair had already shared several photos from Paris a few days ago, did not miss the opportunity to pose next to the beautiful bride. The latter, for her wedding, shined with her light.

Altair Jarabo married for the second time with Frédéric García, this time in church, in a dream location: a French castle.

Through stories and photos shared by some of their guests, it was revealed that the actress and the French businessman had their second wedding at the Château de Vallery in the Burgundy region of France.

For the occasion, Altair swapped the pants and sheer blouse with lace appliqués that she had chosen for her civil wedding, for a tight-fitting dress with straps. “I always wanted a memorable, feminine dress, but not too cheesy, I don’t like faralao (waves) or marigolds, so it’s not going to be a cheesy dress, and to my regret, it’s not going to be Mexican,” she told Quién a month ago.

According to what she told People magazine in Spanish, it was a wedding without Mexican touches, and many French touches, such as the menu, which was Gallic and included duck and a cake made of macarons.

“I said to my guests, if they are going to take a plane and go across the Atlantic, I don’t think they are expecting the Mexican wedding, so I’m going to give them the French experience,” the actress had said.

The banquet took place in one of the castle’s gardens, where the guests toasted the bride and groom with champagne, and when night fell, they enjoyed a show of lights and pyrotechnics.

Among the guests were host Olivia Peralta and her partner, Australian Justin Morgan Cooper, and her co-stars from the telenovela Código Postal, Claudia Godínez and Úrsula Montserrat. Of course, the bride’s parents and sister were also present.

The Château de Vallery was built in 1548 for Jacques d’Albon de Saint-André, Marquis de Fronsac, an important member of the court of King Henry II.

Lately, this place has become one of the favorite spots for people looking to get married in a castle, located just an hour away from Paris. The castle’s amenities are four spacious historic halls, 28 rooms, a heated pool, tennis court, torch lighting, sound system until dawn.

Altair Jarabo got married by civil ceremony this Saturday in Paris. The Mexican star revealed that she was engaged to Frédéric García last April.

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